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An angel that watches over our parents

Angele's mission is to look after the elderly, to give them access to a maximum of services in a simple and intuitive way, using just the voice, and to enable families, relatives, carers and caregivers to easily stay in touch with them and keep them present in the community.

Angele is a voice assistant for seniors, which runs on amazon echo and google home. No special installation is needed, just install the skill, and open an account on

Angele is also an application available on smartphone for families, relatives, carers and caregivers who wish to easily keep in touch with their seniors, and receive notifications / information on their activities.

What is Angele ?

Angele was designed for all family members, seniors, children and grandchildren, so that everyone can stay in close contact and take care of each other.

Angele is more than just a support application for the elderly. It helps to strengthen the bonds between all family members, relatives, carers and caregivers, to stay in touch and take part in the life of their senior citizens.

One single application for the whole family, carers and caregivers

A smartphone application that allows you to be reassured and exchange in a simple and user-friendly way with your seniors. You can:

- Follow your grandparents' activity
- Receive an alert in case of a fall
- Send and receive voice messages

A guardian angel who watches over the senior citizens, who accompanies them at all times, and with whom they can simply exchange voice to:

- Give an alert in case of a fall
- Follow health parameters (sleep, diet)
- Follow activity
- Have reminders of important events (birthday, visit, appointment)
- Send and receive messages
- Access services (delivery, transport, breakdown service)
- Access entertainment (music, games, radio)

A web-based application that allows caregivers to plan repetitive tasks, make information available to patients, and track patient activity at a glance.

- Information on the menus of the day
- Information on the activities of the day
- Reminder on the tasks to be carried out with a follow-up (taking medication, exercises)

Specific functionalities according to your situation

A new communication tool for seniors

Angele combines the use of new voice technologies, artificial intelligence, interconnected environments, to provide seniors with a new life experience, facilitating their access to many services from which they are excluded today. No more need for a tablet, smartphone, they just have to ask the voice, and Angele does the rest.

A multitude of services are then:


Medication reminder, nutrition, hydration and sleep monitoring


Reminder of important events, appointments, visits


Alert, help platform access


Sending/receiving messages


Deliveries, repair


Music, games, reading, radio show